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One of our favorite pieces of furniture is our coffee table.  It’s 2 walnut slabs that have been beautifully joined together with butterfly joints, and for some added flair, our table’s joints are cherry wood.  The outside edges of the table are “live,” meaning they are not squared off, and they follow the natural edge of the trunk.  

This style is attributed to American designer, architect, and woodworker George Nakashima, and as you can see, these slabs also work beautifully as benches or dining tables. 

We purchased our coffee table from Room & Board in Cherry Creek, although a number of retailers sell a similar one. Ours is walnut and this is typically a pricier species.  The legs are solid steel, probably 3/8″ or thicker. 

If you are looking for the same look, but an off the shelf table is out of your budget, consider making your own.  

Collector’s Specialty Wood is a great source of live edge slabs in the Denver area.  You can even customize the table with different species, thickness, size, etc.  

Modern Legs out of Frederick, CO can provide you with quality, hand-made, steel legs to complement your top.  

Once you’ve chosen your top and gotten a base or legs for it, you’ll need to “finish” the top.  You can seal it or go with a more natural wax treatment.  A couple great posts out there in the blogosphere really break it down:

1.  coffee table

2. dining table

There you have it: Your very own live edge table, form and function! 

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