First Time Homebuyer FAQ

We have a special Video Blog today from Caroline and lender partner Michelle Oddo at Nova Homeloans.  It can be daunting for a first time homebuyer to know where to start in the process of buying a property.  Caroline covers some of the most common questions in this video blog including:

  • How to get started?  What is the first step?
  • Do I need 20% down for a mortgage?
  • Should I use a real estate agent?
  • What is the Abode Buyer Rebate?
  • What is Earnest Money and When do you need it?
  • What is Title Insurance?
  • How do you estimate monthly payment?
  • What is Homeowner Insurance?
  • What is Mortgage Insurance and when is it required by the lender?  (PMI: Private Mortgage Insurance)

This is just an intro into a few topics, to delve in deeper on these or other topics, contact Caroline today!  Enjoy 🙂


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