Why Photography Matters

You may have heard the saying “ a picture is worth a thousand words”.  How about “you only get one chance to make a first impression”?  As real estate marketing has entered the digital age and the majority of homebuyers conduct their search online, photography has become the most critical aspect of listing a home for sale.  Here at Abode, we employ photographers whom we consider to be among the very best in the Denver metro area.  While we are not the only broker who uses outstanding photography, there are many listings the go up on the market without professional photos.  You may expect to see that from a low-end, “discount” agent but we have even seen it from “full service” agents (charging the full service price)  With Abode you get what we consider to be among the finest photography available INCLUDED in our low cost, premium, full service listings.

Exhibit A.  This listing we took over from a discount brokerage with an “in house” photographer.  Photos from the original listing are on the left, with our photos on the right.  Notice how much brighter and lighter the space feels.




Exhibit B.  This example provides an even starker contrast.  This listing we took over from a traditional, full cost brokerage offering a “full service” listing.  It is also important to note here that not all cameras are created equal.  While the iPhone camera has changed the game for the causal home photographer over the last decade or so, it is no replacement for a professional camera and all of the accoutrements, including lenses specifically made for real estate photography.  A professional setup can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  In addition, professional real estate photographers have an understanding of the correct angels to highlight even small space, and are experts at post-editing.  Notice the difference in the feel of the kitchen in these photos.  Again, the original listing is on the left and ours is on the right.


Exhibit C.  The extras.  We INCLUDE aerial photography in our listings to help highlight aspects of the home, such as lot size, which are sometimes hard to capture.  The below example is from the Central Park neighborhood in Denver where side yards are a huge selling point as many houses lack in outdoor space.  The image on the left is yard photo from the previous listing.  We took over after the original listing did not sell.  Ours photos (again on the right) include aerial shots.  As a bonus for this house, the aerial shots prominently highlight the included solar panels.  


Here is another example from our own house.  On the left is the listing from when we purchased the house and on the right when we sold it.  Notice how you get a true feeling of the size of backyard and the lot in the image on the right? 

This is all to say that the PHOTOGRAPHY SELLS!  It is critically important, probably moreso than ever!  

Sell with Abode and you can be rest assured that you will receive a top broker, and top marketing, which starts with a top real estate photographer included in our low cost, as well as the extra goodies like drone aerial photography.  Save money while also having your house presented in it best possible light (literally).



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